Date:November 26, 2020

These ‘Ice Cream’ Tulips Could Easily Be Mistaken For The Real Thing (They Do Look Delicious Though)

Nature continues to give us pretty presents in the form of trees, plants, and flowers.

For decades, one particular flower, the tulip, has been celebrated all over with its own festival. Held in such countries as the US, Canada, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, India, England, and many others, tulip festivals have become an important announcement that spring has finally come.

One rare type of tulips has been dubbed ‘ice cream’ tulips due to their appearance. Their white centers and pink lower petals make the tulips look like ice cream cones.

There’s a variety of tulips that looks too delicious to be real and they are called ‘ice cream’ tulips


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Look at all this gorgeousness!!! Ice Cream Tulips… #icecreamtulips

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According to Country Living, tulips are native to central Asia but only gained popularity when they reached the Netherlands. The ‘ice cream’ tulip is an incredibly beautiful variety of the flower. It has a fluffy white center that looks like a scoop of ice cream sitting on top of an ice cream cone.


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These tulips, which bloom in late April and early May, are quite rare so you won’t be able to see them out and about everywhere. They can grow as tall as 12-16 inches. They look delicious but are not edible. The best thing you can do is look at these lovely flowers, then go and buy a gelato somewhere else!

An ice cream tulip is what happens when you mix a double white tulip with a double red. The pink and green flowers mix to form the tulip’s cone, while the white forms the gorgeous swirl.

So, how can you care for your future ice cream tulip? Well, they’re a big fan of the sun, so make sure yours has access to at least a little.

Arguably, they probably are also twice as beautiful as any other tulip.

Ice cream tulips are definitely something you want to grow in your garden!

You can also buy the seeds so you can grow them in your very own backyard.

The ice cream tulip sure knows how to give us a sweet tooth.
With all of this time on our hands maybe we can even have a personal ice cream tulip garden. These beauties are just too precious not to want some of your own. You can make those dreams a reality and see these tulips up close and in person.

Tulip festivals are sure to have a collection of these rare ice cream tulips, so next Spring you’ve already got the perfect vacation plan.