Date:April 2, 2020

These Huge Sea Lions Take Over Someone’s Boat And The Video Is Ridiculous

He was enjoying his boat ride when the former professional soccer player Joshua Phillips came across a very interesting event. He spotted two sea lions riding someone’s boat and decided to record a video of them sailing freely.

“The vessel looked a little off, and we got closer and closer and realized there were two massive animals on board,” Phillips told The Seattle Times. Phillips took the video in Eld Inlet near Olympia in Washington, United States.

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Image credits: fishingjosh

There were reports that a  third sea lion has been trying to join his buddies, but apparently they turned him away. You know the saying, if two huge sea lions are dangling their flippers on a tiny boat that looks like it’s gonna sink any second, three’s a crowd.

Image credits: fishingjosh

It is still unclear who owns the vessel or how long the pair were using it for their entertainment. However, it’s obvious they nearly sunk it. According to The Marine Mamma Center, these sea lions may grow to 11 feet (3.25 m) in length and weigh almost 2,500 pounds (1120 kg).

Here’s the full video:


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And here are some of the people’s opinions about these two hilarious sea lions: