Date:January 16, 2021

These 19 Girls Don’t Care About Your Girly Standards

Beauty standards the society has set for women are way too unrealistic and sometimes makes them look like some plastic dolls. Not very beautiful! But in a world full of white sheep, these girls have decided to be black ones, and are honestly rocking it.

If you wanna put Cheetos in your fingertips as your nails, do it. Eat as you have never done it before, or simply show nakedly your natural beauty. That’s freedom of oneself, and there’s nothing more priceless!

1. When you couldn’t decide which mood you were in today:

2. It actually takes courage to not hide your true hungry self!

3. Hunger is more important than a good photo!

4. Sometimes I look presentable, but 90% of the time I resemble a dumpling with eyelashes.

5. Turns out there are several types of dog filters!

6. Someone else gets their nails done, I get Bugles fingers!

7. Don’t want to be a basic girl? Buy chicken leg stockings!

8. When you’re asked to send a pic:

9. When you ask for a highlighter:

10. No time to stop for a selfie.

11. Normal girl’s choker vs A Nike shoelace

12. When it’s cold outside, your true self comes out.

13. Between comfort and other people’s opinions, I choose comfort.

14. Handstands are not for everyone.

15. Flowers wither, the taste of fried chicken remains forever.

16. There are 2 types of girls on Halloween.

17. This one prefers spicy Cheetos instead of highlighters. I approve!

18. You choose to flex, I choose to chill.

19. There’s no middle ground in this game.

Got any similar funny photos that break society’s expectations on how a girl should look? Share them with us and show the world you live fiercely and freely, and you’re a queen either with or without those standards!