Date:February 24, 2020

The 9-Years-Old Altruist “Sells” His Customs Painting To Save An Animal

Prepare yourself to feel ashamed (just like me 🙁 ) of seeing what a tiny little human, with a big heart and a righteous inclination, is capable of doing, meanwhile we hold degrees and certificates but never come up with such simple actions, yet capable of changing someone’s life.

Pavel Abramov is a 9-years old Russian boy from Arzamas in Nizhny Novgorod (I’d rather call him a man) who has a great talent in painting and uses this talent to help stray animals. This little man is smarter and generous than most of us, but hopefully, we can take a lesson in this story.

Pavel once had a four-leg friend of his own, which he lost it, and he took action upon what he experienced. He wanted to help stray animals to get shelter and food, just like his furry friend once had the chance. This is a perfect example of taking a lesson in a loss, where most of us would just drain in misery.

So, how did it all started? Pavel and his mother, Ekaterina Bolshakova, managed a group of Russian media sites ( called “What a little volunteer is capable of?”. Her son answered this question perfectly: exchanging his work of art with food and other supplies for stray animals by contracting pet owners. Later on, last year, this duo initiated a project called “Kind paintbrush”, which was an idea of Pavel originating from the loss of his endearing pet, Barsik.

This young man does it all on his own – no funds, no manager, no employees – just his big heart, amazing talent and his mother’s support.

His paintings consist of real pets of owners, who are willing to sign a contract of that painting in exchange for providing kilograms of porridge, meat, and supplies. Pavel knows each of his models by name and often goes to meet them when the painting is finished. He paints these furry friends just by having a photo of them, and always asks for the back story of how the owner and the pet(s) have met, in order to personalize the painting as much as possible. And what inspires him the most in these stories is when pets have been rescued by owners.

This generous, humble young man’s work has spread beyond Arzamas city, with his work reaching even countries abroad, such as Spain, Germany and all over Russia, and hopefully even more further.

Pavel is the youngest volunteer of the only animal shelter in Arzamas that currently hosts over 100 dogs. In exchange for his paintings, he asks for food, household supplies, accessories, depending on what the shelter needs at that particular moment.

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр? – Chuck’s portrait went to the customer in exchange for 5 kg of buckwheat, 10 cans of canned dog food, and skin medicine.

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр? – Charming Ksyusha’s portrait was exchanged for 6 kg of buckwheat, canned dog food, bandages and medicine.

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр? – Timofey’s portrait has been exchanged for a set of medicines and dog collars.

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр? – Cheerful hamsters were presented to an owner in exchange for 4 kg of canned dog food, 2.5 kg of dry food, a leash, and a toy.

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр? – Portrait of cute Onyx for 3 kg of canned dog food, 2.5 kg of oatmeal, 4 kg of pearl barley, treats for dogs and household supplies.

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр? – A portrait of these three girls in exchange for 15 kg of beef trimmings.

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр? – The portrait of Rex, Tuzik, Keks and Lusya exchanged for 5 cans of canned beef, 1 liter of milk, 3 kg of cereal, a pack of dry food, and 5 kg of trimmings.

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр? – The portrait of handsome Basi went to Natalia in exchange for 10 kg of buckwheat and 10 kg of pearl barley.

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр? – 10 kg beef bones for this portrait of lovely Sonya.

Image credits: Что может маленький волонтёр? – This portrait of Mr. Puzan was exchanged for 15 kg of beef bones and trimmings.

“Our family is proud of his wonderful project. His days are scheduled to minutes, he wants to do absolutely everything, there is just not enough time,” the boy’s mother Ekaterina told Bored Panda. Pavel dreams of becoming an architect and building a big shelter in the future, and for now – he will contribute as much as he can with his art and humane initiatives.