Date:October 29, 2020

Some Cute Intruders Into The Playground: Mama Bear And Her Five Cubs Enjoying Some Playtime

Five bear cubs were captured having the time of their life on play equipment in North Carolina as mother bear looked on.

The adorable cubs were filmed on June 12 in Asheville as they enjoyed exploring the swing and slide set. The main focus of the bears’ attention was the slide with four of the cubs scrambling to see who could enjoy it first.

“This was taken in our backyard. It is supposedly a mom and five cubs, two of which are suspected to be adopted from a different litter,” said the person who spotted this joyful bear family.

The adorable cubs were filmed on June 12 in Asheville, North Carolina, as they enjoyed exploring the swing and slide set

A third cub then tries its luck to get on the bottom of the slide, climbing over the side, and successfully knocking one of the bears off, while the other walks away.

The same cub bounds up to the top of the slide skidding down to tackle the cub, who it had pushed off, who’s now having another attempt at making it to the top, only to be pushed back down again.

As it turns out, bear cubs love to invade human backyards and play with whatever they find out there

The two continue to tussle up and down the slide and are joined by a third who plays and slides up and down.

Meanwhile, one of the other cubs is intent on climbing on one of the swings and pushes it back and forward with its paws.

At one point the mother bear looks as though she is going to join in the fun and bounds over meaning the cub runs out of her way and climbs up the slide to tumble back down with the others.

If you live in areas heavily populated with black bears, don’t be surprised if you find them swinging in your hammock

Two of the cubs then play pushing the swings. The mother bear peeks into the bottom of the fort then rolls contentedly on the grass.

Another cub climbs the ladder at the back of the play equipment.

While it could seem scary to live in an area heavily populated by these bears, it turns out that they are quite timid. Black bears can easily be chased away by anyone, even the smallest dog can do the trick. According to North American Bear Center researchers, they have never seen a black bear they couldn’t chase away.

Or splashing around in your pool!

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