Date:May 31, 2020

Heart-Warming Pictures Of Dogs Who Loves Their Humans (20 Photos)

Dogs are one of the most loyal species and they have been like this for centuries. They have served humans for hunting, for guarding and most importantly, for filling their lives with joy and happiness.

Creativity bay has compiled a list of 20 pictures that will warm your heart. Enjoy the list.

“My friend’s newborn is less than three days old and their dog Zoey is already warming up to him.”

© ZeroTwitch / Imgur

“There, there human.”

© louiebaur / Reddit

When the jealousy kicks in…

 edilima / Imgur

Chilling in the park.

© Guygan / Reddit

“When you get to bring your dog to work, and she reminds you that you’re her favorite person.”

© LearnedBravery / Reddit

“My son and his puppy — they can’t get enough of each other.”

© LameSaucey / Reddit

“I have no doubt in my mind that my dog knows I’m pregnant.”

© okayyymovingon / Imgur

Real love.

© strawberryhichew / Reddit

Dynamic Duo

© SkankBoy / Reddit

“We’ve been looking for a buddy for our 10-year-old son for a few weeks and yesterday we found the perfect match!”

© ThatPatti / Reddit

“Please be careful. I really want cuddles.”

© PNWsea / Reddit

No matter how old they get, their favorite thing will always be being your puppy.


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A small baby Duckling 🐣

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“My boyfriend and his dog give each other a hug every morning, and I happened to be behind him on the stairs this time.”

© WubWubDing / Reddit

“My wife has been sick. Our pups seem to know she isn’t feeling well…”

© phaytal / Reddit


“While all the other dogs in the park were playing, he was reading a book with his human.”

© Gallowboob / Reddit

“Most people teach their dogs to not jump. Personally, I love coming home from work to a good hug.”

© ShinyDisc0Balls / Reddit

“My friend’s dog waiting for him to get home.”

© Nepkal / Reddit

“Mom texted me and said she was going to be a mother again. One minute later I get this picture.”

© Fat_Unicorn_Butt / Reddit

“My girlfriend took this picture while I was sick and asleep.”

© m4sterpieces / Reddit

“I’ll miss you so much. Two hours away from you is too long!”

© Louvin / Reddit

“Just my dog spooning my baby. Nothing to see here.”

© JarodKnoten / Imgur