Date:October 25, 2020

Heart-Touching Photo Of Baby Koala ‘Hugging Onto Mom’ During Surgery Goes Viral

This 6-month-old joey named Phantom stayed by his mother’s side during life-saving surgery.

The adorable koala mother and joey were treated at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital after they were hit by a car. The joey refused to leave his mother’s side and continuously hugged her as she went through surgery and other treatments.

The truly heartwarming pictures are yet another reminder of how the relationship between a mother and her offspring is one of the most beautiful bonds to exist in this world, irrespective of species.

This emotional sight was captured on camera at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital a few years ago after the mamma Koala Lizzy and her joey Phantom were brought in after being hit by a car, west of Brisbane.

Sharing an incredibly cute photograph of Lizzy and Phantom on Facebook, Australia Zoo revealed that while both mother and child were hit by the car, the joey escaped without any injuries.

His mother, on the other hand, had to be treated for some facial trauma and a collapsed lung. Speaking to ABC News, the hospital explained that the 6-month-old Phantom had refused to leave his mother’s side and continuously hugged her as she went through surgery and other treatments.

“Phantom is with Lizzy during her procedures and check-ups to ensure neither mum nor bub get stressed out. Similarly, Phantom is in a ‘pouch’ during weighing to ensure he feels safe and protected while away from mum,” the hospital said.

The adorable mother and son’s story quickly went viral on social media, with Facebook users getting emotional over the pair. One user Anthony Perry commented: What a beautiful story of bonding and sensitive human caregivers. Hope momma recovers quickly so she can spend time taking care of her little one. Just a little bit of thought goes a long way to be part of this planet.

Meanwhile, another Facebook user Michelle Lee chimed in with: Aww look at joey cuddling with mama Lizzy. Sweet! hope mama Lizzy feeling better & back to the tree again soon.

The Australia Zoo soon provided an update about Lizzy and Phantom, revealing that both mother and child were recovering well.

Sharing an image of the joey safely wrapped up in his mother’s arms, the zoo wrote: Do you recognize these two? They may look familiar from photos of little Phantom cuddling his mum Lizzy during her life-saving surgery at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital last week after she was hit by a car. The photos went viral, touching hearts all over the world and we’re now happy to report that Lizzy is returning all the cuddles to Phantom following her successful operation! Both mum and joey are recovering well in the care of the amazing hospital staff who treat hundreds of sick and injured patients every week.

Lizzy and Phantom remained in the care of the Australia Zoo for about a month before they were healthy enough to be released back into the wild. Well aware of just how invested their animal-loving followers were in the story, the zoo shared yet another heartwarming picture of the koala mother-son pair returning to the wild.