Date:May 25, 2020

Another Study Has Revealed That Travel Is Vital For Happiness

Let’s just forget about material things and think about the things that make us happy. Apparently travel brings us more joy than anything else!

To get some results, interviewed 17,000 people who came from 17 countries so they could get a more diverse attitude toward traveling. We can say that ‘traveling’ makes people more happy than having a baby and it doesn’t matter if you’re backpacking or traveling first class.


Traveling gives you an immediate happiness boost.

Also, people appreciate getting more new experiences than more than possessing lots of material things.

People are ready to sacrifice their comfort for the sake of having new travel experiences, 56% of respondents would rather go on vacation than buy new clothes or gadgets and 48% of them are ready to postpone home improvements to visit new places.

But.. more than half of the respondents claimed that buying clothes for a vacation was one of the greatest mood-lifters.

Almost half of the people stated that going on a date with their partner doesn’t lift them up emotionally as much as traveling does.

Interestingly, to some people traveling was way more important to their overall happiness than landing that dream job.

Just to feel happier it is enough for you by planning a vacation!