Date:June 4, 2020

After The Death Of ‘The Most Photographed Dog In Bruges’, Fidèle, People Shared Photos Of Him On Twitter In His Commemoration

The way animals impact us comes in many forms, starting from the very simple one: companionship. And they spare it to no one! This was the case with a beautiful labrador, Fidèle, blissfully napping on the windowsill of the Côté Canal Bed and Breakfast. Sadly, he passed away in 2016 at 12 years old.

Fidèle even made an appearance in the 2008 film In Bruges to the delight of fans who happily snapped his photo during their travels to the city. Recently, Fidel’s memory was paid homage to once again when Twitter user @greenanorak posted some pictures of him lounging and snoozing in the window.

After falling ill, his owner Caroline Van Langeraert told the local news that Fidel “died as we know him, with his head between his paws”. When @greenanorak updated her thread with the sad news, something beautiful began to happen. People started posting their old photos of Fidel taken throughout the years and recounting their own memories of him.

In most photos, we see Fidel doing his favorite activity—napping. The pooch was often captured with his head on a pillow while taking in some sunshine and fresh air to the delight of all who saw him. In other images, we see Fidèle up and alert, looking out calmly over the canal as if he was the king of his domain.

It’s beautiful to know that even though Fidèle is no longer at the window, his spirit touched so many people from all over the world. For many who visited the Belgian capital, he continues to symbolize their holiday. And for those who are animal lovers, his legacy proves the lasting impression that the companions make on our lives.

Image credits: greenanorak

Image credits: greenanorak

Image credits: greenanorak

Image credits: greenanorak

Sadly, Amy realized Fidèle passed away in 2016.

Image credits: greenanorak

After she shared this post, people were prompted to share the photos of Fidèle they took over the years.

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Many people reacted by saying how much they loved Fidel

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While some others did so by sharing similar situations with animals they’ve spotted:

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