Date:December 5, 2020

30 Animals That Hit The Genetic Lottery

With all of the varying possibilities of how an animal will look based on its DNA, there are some animals out there who without a doubt hit the genetic jackpot! Although the myriad colors that might show up in an animal’s fur, eyes, or skin are generally sought after, they are technically considered to be “genetic mutations“. While the word “mutation” generally implies that something went wrong, these gorgeous creatures are here to prove that mutations can actually be a wonderful thing.

Love those dogs with two different eye colors? How about the cat with the rare display of brilliant, exotic-looking colors that can’t be found in their same-species counterparts? All of these things are a result of an animal’s genetic makeup.

Granted, just about every adorable animal out there is a result of these “mutations” and can be considered lucky in the realm of their DNA. There are some animals out there, however, that have physical features or characteristics that go far beyond the normal genetic deviation.

Here are 30 animals who hit that genetic jackpot!

#1 This bearded cat

#2That’s a nice wig! Oh, wait…

#3 Mother of Dragons, with a mustache…

#4 A green-eyed angel

#5 You can look, but you can’t touch.

#6 Majestic dogs

#7 Eyes that hold the entire world

#8 Foxes come in all different colors.

#9. And the “Fluffiest” Cat of the Year award goes to…

#10 These sisters are just plain gorgeous.

#11 Lucky girl

Source: Facebook/Vale Wood Farms

People have been using colors to identify themselves along with team preferences since color options in clothing became available. This is most obvious in sports teams that usually have a scheme of two to three colors going on. Well, nature is a fan, too, and chose to make this cow’s DNA express itself as a Steeler’s fan, even sporting the number of its favorite player!

#12 German Shepherds were never this mesmerizing.

Source: Reddit/K3wl_

No matter how much breeding people involve themselves in or how much they aim for a set trait in an animal, nature will always trump their efforts. German shepherds are gorgeous dogs all on their own, but nature sure seemed to favor this one. With a black face, short pointed ears, and piercing blue eyes set in tan rings of fur, this Shephard has a much more wild and beautiful look to it than its already beautiful buddies.

#13 Spot the spotted.

Source: Instagram/Pacific Paws

Australian shepherd dogs are perhaps one of the most fantastic and diverse examples of genetics at play. With over four different types of possible patternings and color combinations, you never really know what you can expect out of one of these beauties. This dog clearly had some indecisive DNA going on because it took the best of all patterns and put them on full display!

#14 A smoky eye looks good on everyone.

Source: Pikabu/vlstetson

Nature beats out people in terms of creating beauty any day of the week. While millions of people spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on makeup every year, as well as countless hours applying it, nature builds beauty right into her subject. Like this bunny who has a smokey set of eyes that will put the efforts of any makeup artist to shame.

#15 Black and gold python

Source: Pikabu/Keltic

Pythons are cool enough on their own with all of their cold, slithering, strong, and sneaky attributes. This snake’s DNA decided to take its cool-factor to new heights, though, with the rare color pattern of its skin. While we are used to seeing bright yellow, green, or even albino pythons, this black python with gold ring patterns stands out even more than its brilliantly colored friends.

#16 “Who’s that behind me, apart from my ridiculously cool tail?”

Source: Reddit/295DVRKSS

Sometimes a genetic mutation doesn’t affect color patterns so much as it does body structure. This cat hit the genetics jackpot with an illustriously long tail. Even she looks surprised at how long it is.

#17 Is it marble or is it real?

Source: Facebook/Scrappy

This cat’s face has the type of rare beauty that inspires art, and indeed, this feline looks statuesque. Would you believe it is a genetic mutation, though? There are some mutations that both people and animals share, and this one is vitiligo!

#18 Spectacular spectacled bear

Source: Reddit/to_the_tenth_power

Indeed, this bear’s face is absolutely spectacular! The bright, cheery hues are enough to make him stand out alone, but there are more surprises in his genes than color alone. This bear is representative of a species that comprises the last short-nosed bears on earth, and the only ones native to South America.

#19Touched by night itself…

Source: Pikabu/Asaki

Bengal cats in and of themselves tend to be a relatively rare breed to come by. This kitty has taken it one step further in terms of the exotic with its fur-color. While most Bengals have the same small stature and tiger to leopard patterned coats, this Bengal has taken on a predominantly black color to its fur-pattern, gaining a genetic advantage in its ability to stalk its nocturnal prey.

#20 This is no ordinary bird

Source: Pikabu/Lipovjycvet

At first glance, you might think this bird is from another planet, but it’s actually more common than you’d think. In fact, it’s actually a pigeon. Known as the Nicobar pigeon, this bird’s genes reach all the way back to the prehistoric Dodo bird.

#21 A Beauty For All Seasons

Source: Reddit/124nk8

Peacocks are one of the most gorgeous birds to walk the earth already. Particularly the males, with their majestic splays of colorful feathers. Nature never seems to outdo herself though, as it has proven with this amazing peacock that is only half albino, allowing it to stand out in any season!

#22. Pink Is Its Favorite Color!

Source: Pikabu/BuzzDee

It’s not all that rare or unnatural to see different colors pop up in patterns on animals and insects. Even a lack of color like that in albinos, while considered rare compared to most, are more prevalent than other genetic rarities involving color. Like this grasshopper who, instead of a complete lack of color or a slight change in pattern, ditched its greens all together in favor of a brilliant pink hue.

#23 Branded By Nature

Source: Reddit/TheOriginalSamBell

Nature definitely has a sense of humor, and sometimes it’s expressed in our DNA. While some creatures, like raccoons, sport adorable little masks that are suited to their night-time thieving personalities, other times nature brands animals that would otherwise be inconspicuous. Like this cat who is probably leading a feline criminal ring in town.

#24 “After 15 Years In The Maine Lobster Industry I Got To See This!”

Source: Reddit/Solomond420

Now, we have seen what nature can do with lobster colors, such as splitting it right down the middle with two completely different colors. This lobster, though, expressed an entirely different genetic mutation. Instead of binary colors, this guy is a deep blue as pure as the sea! No wonder they aren’t easily found!

#25 “Super Ripped!”

Source: Reddit/ADrunkBiologist

We have seen how a genetic mutation can cause a human to have insane amounts of strength in comic books. This usually is only depicted as happening to people, though, leaving countless people daydreaming about falling into a vat of radioactive material or being bitten by some mutated spider. Nature gets the last laugh, though, by giving this ultra-desired mutation to cow via a mutation in their myostatin gene.

#26 Not Your Ordinary Bambi

Source: Reddit/BigBananaE

Deer are beautiful and majestic forest creatures in everyday life, but did you know that there is an even more fantastical creature among them? The unicorn of the forest, a piebald deer is a species of the white-tailed deer born of two parents carrying the recessive gene. Comprising only 2% of the deer population, these beautiful deer are a true forest rarity.

#27 “A Rare Genetic Mutation”

Source: Reddit/beachdogs

Strange variances in cat skin and fur patterns is nothing new and is one of the many things we love about them. When it is seen on the big felines in the wild though, it presents a little more of a head-scratcher. Researches recently thought the “King Cheetah” was an entirely separate species from normal patterned cheetahs, until they discovered that the pattern difference is actually a result of a mutated gene that the King Cheetah shares with Tabby cats.

#28 When You’re Supposed To Be Ugly But Yor Mutation Saved You

Source: Reddit/Boats_N_Lowes

Possums can be described as many things, but beautiful has never been one of them. Often considered to be made of the stuff of nightmares with their beady eyes and hissy nature, this Australian possum will do away with that notion entirely. A genetic mutation causes these field possums to come out a beautiful golden hue with a much-adored Pikachu-like face!

#29 “Migaloo”

Source: Reddit/nil_ka

Humpback whales are not common sea creatures by comparison to their former population. So, it is even rarer to catch a glimpse of an albino humpback. This whale who has been endearingly named Migaloo is so rare that he has become famous!

#30The Darkest Meat

Source: Reddit/interestingasfuck

Chicken comes in many shapes, sizes and colors. Even albino chicks aren’t considered all that rare. This Ayam Cemani chicken, on the other hand, has a mutation that leaves his entire body a beautiful, shimmering black color that includes its skin and organs!