Date:June 4, 2020

27 hilarious before and photos of kids going to their first day of school

Do you remember your first day of school? I do not remember mine, but seeing the looks of these kids, for sure they will not forget theirs. They do look very messy and most of them confused and exhausted, but for us, these do look like very funny memes!

The first day of school affects differently every family and child, depending on what the expectations are and what they have been prepared for.

From the photos below, some of the kids looked very excited to be attending their first day of a new school year. But, long educational hours can do strange things to kids, having them looked all traumatized, fed up or shell-shocked. Seeing these photos from their elementary school experience, who is gonna tell them that will be nothing compared to high school? I wouldn’t be brave enough to!

#1. What the first day at school can make you look

Kebab connoisseur

#2. First day of school. Before and after.


#3. What happened to her on her first day of school?


4. The first day and second day of school


5. I don’t think our daughter is very excited in going back to school


6. The first day of school, two types of kids


7. Two moods, first day of school

Guinivere Sta Ana

8. The first day and second day of school

9. She definitely had a hard day at school


10. Again, the first day and second day of school

11. The first day of preschool for my soon looked like this

Carole Garcia

12. My girl was doing some kind of a protest for not going to school today


13. A successful first day of school

Shawn Irish

14. It has been a rough day.. this first one

Justine Di frede

15. A knock out for the first day of kindergarten

Haley Dottley

16. The first day of pre-k, before and after

Holly Ferris

17. The first day of kindergarten, before and after

Theresa Channell

18. When the weekend comes!!!

Annemarie Van Batum

19. Looks like this boy wasn’t feeling it


20. The first day and last of pre-k

Jessica Sierra

21. There is no after photo, she was excited!

Erica Johnson

22. Day 1 vs Day 2, I don’t know if we can call it a successful endeavor

Ty-lacey Boen

23. When it was time to come home and I couldn’t find at her at her jk

Amie Gamache

24. This kindergarten thing is roughhhh

Angela Jameson

25. Before school (left), Afterschool (right). Just thought I had to point it out

Inderia Dehalsingh

26. Before and after her first school day

Péter Fábián

27. It is tough learning that moms can’t be with their kids for the whole day

Cat meg