Date:October 21, 2020

26 People Shared Their Meal With the World Because They Had To

It doesn’t happen very often but when in ordering or preparing a meal something exciting happens and you have to share it with the world.


1. It’s a bird. It’s a duck. No, it’s a tomato!


© viiboa / Reddit


2. “I made exactly the right volume of smoothie.”

© ravenpride / Reddit


3. Let’s be honest, most of us aren’t worthy of oranges with sunset color gradients.

© yusenye / Imgur


4. ” The most perfect croissant I have ever seen.”

© computer_addiction / Reddit


5. “The chef at my restaurant gave me this rose that he crafted out of pepperoni and the end of a jalapeño.”

© Unknown / Reddit


6.  The way the bread fits on this plate is weirdly comforting.

© zo0ey / Reddit


7. The odds of this happening can’t be very high.

© Austinchao98 / Reddit


8. Normal margaritas, fabulous sunlight.

© smellit / Reddit


9. An onion ring doubling as a treble chef!

© childofthemoose / Reddit


10. “We found this incredible carrot hand while digging up juice carrots at our farm.”

© Moby-Dickens / Reddit


11. We all aspire to cut an avocado this neatly.

© patchwork336 / Reddit


12. Solid tomatoes surely don’t come around too often.

© nihwtf / Reddit


13. “My smoothie made an interesting design after I blended it.”

© Aslandor / Reddit


14. “When I sliced my apple it had a perfect star at its core.”

© subductionseduction / Reddit


15. Destroying this beautiful dome of rice wouldn’t feel good, even if it tasted incredible.

© Virisenox_ / Reddit


16. “Apparently I got just the right bowl for my can of soup…”

© l0rdcommander / Reddit


17. The strange pattern in this watermelon is caused by the Watermelon mosaic virus.

© Relarela / Reddit


18. “A perfectly shaped orange from our orange tree.”

© Turbo_Scout13 / Reddit


19. “The egg I cooked this morning had a smaller egg inside.”

© Qwikscopeyourcouch69 / Reddit


20. ” My sister got a mega-fry in her meal.”

© sunaharagrandpa / Reddi


21. If the symmetry of this fried egg doesn’t give you butterflies, I don’t know what will.


© NauticalPhoenix / Reddit 

© NauticalPhoenix / Reddit


22. “Found this block of cheese in my Cheeto puffs.”

© Tyler-Orlando / Reddit

23. ” The cross-section of this watermelon revealed a very satisfying pattern.”


© Cmsee17 / Reddit


24. “My oddly shaped cheese fits on my oddly shaped bread.”

© aq3e / Reddit


25. A drink which arranged itself for all the lovers of symmetry out there.



© Bukinnear / Reddit


26. “My chicken laid a round egg a few months ago.”

© blueesulfur / Reddit


Feel free to comment if anything similar has happened to you.