Date:February 16, 2020

25 Times People Lost Devastatingly The Food Lottery

Food is life. And if you tell me the opposite, you are missing on life, my friend.

You know how they say good food is a good mood! But the following unfortunate people were no way around near that. They completely lost their food lottery and left their stomach in great despair. You might probably think of a “more air than chips” situation, but what these people faced is far worse, far more unlucky. Warped fruit, distorted chocolate bars, and possibly the most heinous of them all, a perfectly looking sandwich on the outside, but completely empty inside. Man, whoever let these excuses for food leave the fabric to the market, they should be in jail already.

Sad reactions only about these misfortunate events, and if you consider this too dramatic, you’re probably one of those people who put out on sale one of these “foods”.

A moment of silence before we deep into this!

1. This Vending Machine Is Selling An Empty Bag Of Peanuts

2. I Cut Open An Orange To Find This Black Decay Coming From Its Center

3. This Loaf Of Bread

4. This Is What A £3.20 Bacon And Egg Roll From Edinburgh Airport Looks Like

5. I Cut Open A Strawberry And Some Buckshot Fell Out

6. When You Slice A Bread And Can’t Make The Sandwich

7. So Much For “Two Scoops” There Kellogg’s

8. I Planned Avocado For Dinner

9. Someone Mistook A Rock For A Potato And Put It Into This Sack Of Potatoes We Bought

10. The Sub I Bought For Dinner Tonight

11. The Lemon Thing Happened To Me, Was Huge Until I Cut Into It

12. My Lemon Harvest Is Coming In Quite Nicely

13. My Mom Opened A Can Of Black Beans But There Was Only Water Inside

14. Cranberry Chocolate

15. I Got A Massive Brick Of Cheese Flavoring Instead Of Cheetos

16. My Ice Cream Cone Is Missing One Thing. The Cone

17. Vending Machine Fail

18. My Egg Had No Yolk… I Wasn’t Eggspecting This

19. My Loaf Of Bread Was Sliced The Wrong Way

20. “Cheeseburger” From The Streets Of Manila

21. My Bread Is… Mostly Air

22. These Watermelons Are Disappointing

23. I Think I Set The Record For Most Disappointing Carrot

24. I Got A Fun Size Pack Of Skittles With Only Yellow Ones

25. Urge To Kill… Rising