Date:May 25, 2020

17 Photos That Show The Unconditional And Heart-Warming Love Of Our Furry Friends

Being a dog owner you know that no matter how tired you are or how bad your day was, your dog has in its storage a lot of positive energy to share it with you when you come back home from a long day, jump on you to show you their excitement, or simply stay by your side to morally support you.

They are like a cute little child when they look into your eyes while you eat and they want you to share it with them, and when they see you upset or tired, they become like a wise old man and come close to you to show you their supportiveness.

Keep scrolling down to warm your heart with their lovely postures on these pictures below.


1. “Am I clean enough?”

© Prostoilogin/pikabu


2. “Stay still, my hooman needs comfort.”

© unknown user/ imgur


3. “Mommy’s tired, so am I, but I’m still rooting for you, papa!”

© unknown user/ imgur


4. Kids…

© sveta04/pikabu


5. This golden retriever saved his master’s life: the dog stopped him from developing severe hypothermia and frostbite by lying on top of him and licking his hands and face.

© unknown user/ imgur


6. “This day was long for you hooman, and I’m here to make it easier.”

© Alustar/pikabu


7. “Your pain is my pain.”

© Glover/pikabu


8. “Cuddles are good for your health, and I care about your health.”

© louboutinanyc/instagram © louboutinanyc/instagram


9. “What are you looking at? She’s mine, buddy!”

© Georg77/pikabu


10. “The way you’re shooting that ball tells me you haven’t had breakfast. Disappointed, very disappointed!”

© kuchka70/pikabu


11. Honest love

© Novichokkkkkk/pikabu


12. “Let me be your little baby!”

© Anyppl/pikabu


13. “I must protecc my hooman!”

© VLStetson/pikabu


14. “Not without me, hooman.”


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15. The creation of BFF


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16. Dogs for dogs, and all dogs for hooman.


17. Cat disapproves of all these moshy-moshy, feely-feely


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