Date:June 4, 2020

16 Online Shopping Epic Fails

Despite reaching a high individualistic and personalized era of online shopping, I don’t think it would be a good idea to completely get rid of physical shops, because everyone of us who at least once had purchased something online, didn’t quite get what it was advertised. So the pictures below will be reliable.

The 3R concept (rate, rank, review) is what we aim for before we purchase something, particularly what previous buyers have said (review) about a particular product, what’s the ranking of it on a scale of 5 stars, and of course the price of the product. But, Einstein was right about the relativity theory. People have different tastes, so you’ll get to see both good and bad comments on the same product, with both being quite argumentative, so most likely you’ll only know which one was right after you get the product at your doorstep.

And let’s hope it won’t be an experience similar to the ones you are about to see in these 17 horribly-failed online shopping experiences.

1. This guy could star in “Jaws.”

2. Always ask about the size of things you order.

3. The description said, “Views of the main church from the bedroom window.” Technically it was not a lie.

4. Airport food can surprise you, and not just with the prices.

5. “My sister ordered boots online for her Halloween costume and this is what came in the mail…”

6. “I’m never ordering online again…”

7. “Are you sure you’re a barber?”

8. Winnie, just the Poo face mask

9. The packaging looked so promising!

10. At least it’s a protein bar and has ONE sprinkle on

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11. “Tried to surprise my mom for Mother’s Day. Put this in the special requirements and they printed it on the box!”

12. When working with flowers is not something you should do in life:

13. “L” Stands for #Lostgameononlineshoppingbitchessss

14. Includes a “private balcony.”Literally.

15. “When it seems too good to be true… It usually is.”

16. “I mean expectations for these are never high, but… oh man.”

17. “Yep. Definitely the advertised product.”