Date:October 29, 2020

+15 Dads Who Didn’t Want Any Pet in Their Lives

Our dad’s logic is a tricky business. For whatever you ask them, they will find a way to go about it. But if you just try mentioning a pet and you’ve just served yourself a rant, because dads don’t want to see those paws in the house until they actually get one.

Every day on the internet you can see jokes about how much dads adore their new pets and how easily they forget that “never ever” that they swore, like, a day ago.

Below we have a list of dads who shouted the loudest but now love their little furballs more than they love their kids.

He’s Never Been A Dog Person. Ever. And Now My Dad Takes Yuki Sailing And Talks To Her Wherever They Go


“We Can’t Keep It” – My Dad 10 Months Ago


No Matter How Much I Begged, My Dad Never Let Me Have A Pet When I Was Younger. This Is Him Dragging My Cat In A Box (Which He Named The “Kitty Express”) While Making Train Noises And Laughing Like A Child


Dad: We Are Not Feeding That Feral Cat. Also Dad: I Set Up A Heated Cat House In The Backyard And Put A Camera So We Can Make Sure She’s Home Safe Every Night


Chris Blazina, a psychologist, and professor at New Mexico State University College of Education researches the emotional and psychological connection between men and dogs. Also, Chris is the author of two books: “When Man Meets Dog,” and “Men And Their Dogs: A New Understanding of Man’s Best Friend.” He told that in Western culture, “there is a very rigid approach to what is considered ‘masculine’; these include being stoic, tough, and denying a need to emotionally bond with others.”

This results in a complex issue because for “all the rigid rules, men are still social creatures that are hardwired to make and sustain emotional bonds with others.” It explains why, in popular culture, depictions of “masculine” men bonding with cute little pets are so rare.

Chris explained: “their bond with their animal companions can take on a more complex and central role.” Also, he added that it happens due to men’s social networks that are usually smaller, “As males age, they shrink to the size of a postage stamp—a romantic partner and if they are lucky an animal companion.”

“He’s Only Going To Be In The Way, I’ll Step On Him”


He Never Wanted A Dog. Four Days After They Met, She Helped Him To Recover From A Stroke


My Dad Dressed “The Dog He Didn’t Want” In My Childhood Dress He Kept For His First Grand Daughter


My Dad Didn’t Want A Second Dog. Now They Have Matching PJs


My Father, Who Used To Hate Cats, And Linus, My Cat


Dad Didn’t Want A Dog. Dad And The Dog:


Dad: “No Animal Allowed In This House!”. Also Dad:


“I’m A Cat Person,” He Said. Now, “Where’s Penny?! I Need Penny! I Can’t Sleep Without My Doggy!”


No Dogs!


It Took 3 Years To Convince Him Since “He’s More Of A Cat Person.” He Finally Agreed As Long As The Pup Wasn’t Allowed On The Bed Or Furniture. This Is Now What I Wake Up To Every Morning


“That Brown Dog” Became “Brown Dog” Became “Mr. Brown” Became “Doc Brown Wants To Stay With Me When You Move Out.” Doc Brown Did Move Out With Us, This Is Their First Reunion After About 6 Months


My Dad: I Don’t Want Dogs In This House. Also My Dad:


Dad – “I Dont Want A Dog!” Also Dad – “Gaston Need Is Own Bed And Night Table”


My Grumpy Dad When He Holds Up The Cat So She Can Look Out The Window


My Dad: No, We’re Not Getting Another Dog!! Also My Dad:


I Present To You, My Dad Who Didn’t Want Another Dog