Date:May 31, 2020

13 Times People Found Their Twins In Museums And Couldn’t Believe Their Eyes

Have you ever met someone who looks just like you or someone from your friends or family? Or other people telling you that the met someone who resembled you and they actually talked to that person?

When someone comes across these situations, it is a strange feeling indeed. The weirdness of this encounter could only increase when the person you look-alike would come from a distant past, memorialized in a painting.

Here we are sharing 13 cases of people who found their doppelgänger while they visited different museums. As words can’t do justice, have a look by yourself by scrolling through these photos.

#1 Facing yourself in a museum


#2 So he visited the Art Museum and this happened


#3 Making an interesting discovery at the Art Museum


#4 This man’s doppelgänger experience.. awesome!

Ross W. Duffin

#5 “I found a photo of me at The Met. It was taken 111 years ago and I was dressed as a Samurai. Looks like I was a collector of Samurai armor. Since then I have drunk so much that I don’t recall it but this looks very convincing that it’s me”


#6 Hey look, my friend is a time traveler

#7 This could be her great-great grandmother’s photo at Louvre

#8 Another encounter at the Louvre!


#9 This is my friend spotting a painting of him while walking through The Met


#10 “Found my dopplegänger from around half a century ago in an Art Museum in Zurich”


#11 Him being the head

#12 Another dopplegänger at the Louvre.

#13 This is the cutest encounter of them all!