Date:October 21, 2020

Stunning Macro Photography Of Insects Covered In Morning Dew

Usually, it’s pretty difficult to look at insects without getting a wee bit squeamish, but these macro photographs, by the talented David Chambon, are absolutely mesmerizing!

French photographer David Chambon, who specializes in wildlife photography, took these gorgeous macro photos of insects covered with morning dew, which we spotted over at Faith is Torment. Chambon’s photos turn the bugs into glistening, crystalline confections, their vibrant colors shining through the water like glimmering gems. More than anything else, they make us want to go tromping out in the woods on an early spring morning.

They almost look like they’ve been bedazzled, don’t they?

Click through to see some beautiful shots from Chambon’s series, and then be sure to head over to his Flickr and 500px accounts for many more.

Using macro photography techniques, the artist presents his viewers with the intricacies of nature at a more easily observable size. Roughly translated from French, the artist says, “I see to capture the magic moment and to capture the spectacular beauty of our nature.” His obvious patience and skill are evident in each magnificent photograph as the bugs seem to smile into the camera and calmly pose for the lens. The shapes, patterns, and colors of each creature, just awakening from a good night’s rest, are magnified and viewers can carefully explore the details on the wings of a dragonfly or the giant eyes of a tiny bug.