Date:May 31, 2020

One-Picture Horror Stories That Will Keep You Awake At Night

When we were little we were afraid of the dark because we thought we saw monsters lurking in the shadows and they wanted to reach us. Brian Coldrick, an Irish illustrator has created these different kinds of monsters in his webcomic and book “Behind You: On-shot horror stories”.

The more you look at his moving images, the scarier they get, which is weirdly cool and haunting at the same time. Each is accompanied with a darkly humorous one-sentence caption to make you feel the characters even deeper. The artist states that even though none of these stories are direct adaptions of existing narratives, they do touch on known horror tropes.

His drawings have a very unique art style that you can’t ignore. The artist uses a pencil to create the characters but works with Photoshop to create backgrounds, texture, and animations. In the early days of the series, the focus was on creating a certain kind of creepy monster, but later on, the settings turned out to play a bigger role in the illustrations. A dark tunnel, a kitchen illuminated by a fridge light or an escalator on the underground, give life to these images more than you can imagine.

Besides these, while looking at these images, they make you feel the even darker things like loneliness, doubts or anxieties which hit you once no one else is around..

Brian said that when he started “Behind You” in 2015 he was worried he’d lose interest after starting a story, so he decided to have different scary stories with the purpose to leave the end of it to be decided by the reader. He thinks that this is probably the main reason why people enjoy these scary illustrations.

Make sure that when you scroll down to check out these stories you give these images a few seconds of your attention so that you see a haunting illustration come to life.