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May 30, 2023

20 Mind-Bending Levitating Sculptures That Defy Gravity

Art has the power to stimulate our minds in unimaginable ways, expanding our perspective beyond the surface level. It challenges our beliefs and biases, pushing us to consider what was once thought impossible as possible.

While there are numerous mediums through which we express our artistic concepts, sculptures have a unique ability to confound our senses. In particular, there are certain sculptures that challenge our understanding of gravity, and it’s these sculptures that we’d like to showcase today.

Without further ado, we invite you to explore these mind-bending, gravity-defying sculptures. As you peruse them, take a moment to contemplate the logic behind each piece. You’ll likely find yourself examining each one more closely than once thought necessary. And if you’re truly taken aback by a particular sculpture, be sure to give it an upvote. After all, art speaks for itself.

1. Wursa By Daniel Firman

2. Les Voyageurs By Bruno Catalano

3. Window With Ladder – Too Late For Help By Leandro Erlich

4.Balancing Sculptures By Jerzy Kędziora

5. Michael Jones Sculpture By Jerzy Kędziora

6. The Virgins Of Apeldoorn By Elisabet Stienstra

7. The Force Of Nature By Lorenzo Quinn

8. Planet by Marc Quinn

9. Wire Fairies By Robin Wight

10.Floating Stone By Smaban Abbas


12. Take My Lighting But Don’t Steal My Thunder By Alex Chinneck

13. Monte-meubles L’ultime Déménagement by Leandro Erlich

14. Wurf VI By Anna Borgman And Candy Lenk

15. Hyper-Realistic Illusions Carved Out Of Wood By Tom Eckert

16. Car Sculptures By Gerry Judah

17. Abedo By Emil Alzamora

18. Suspended By Menashe Kadishman

19. Coffee Kiss By Johnson Tsang

20. Book Sculptures By Alicia Martin

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