Date:July 13, 2020

Japanese Woman Walking In Pigeon Shoes And People Are Fascinated

Japanese shoemaker Kyoto Ohata has made a funny pair of pigeon-themed high heels and everybody is going crazy. A few people despise it, others love it however presumably just a couple of realizing that really these shoes fill a quite certain need.

Ohata regularly strolls through a zone that is loaded up with pigeons and the fowls disperse in dread when she walks around the asphalt. Along these lines, not to terrify the pigeons, she chose to mask her human nearness with a couple of DIY shoes that look simply like the pigeons themselves!

Humans in the park were certainly impressed, stopping to take pictures. She said on her website that she ended up attracting more people than birds.

More info: Twitter // DailyPortalZ

And if you want these shoes for yourself, here’s how you can make them: