Date:October 27, 2020

Dolphin Succulents Are Becoming The Latest Trend In House Plants

As all plant lovers know, there are a lot of succulents to be thankful for, especially any that are pink, but people are currently freaking out over dolphin succulents, which are pretty much as perfect as they sound.

These adorable plants, properly known as Senecio Peregrinus, got their “pet name” from the simple fact that their tiny leaves look exactly like jumping dolphins. I’m not even kidding! Don’t believe me? Take a look:


This plant has a bunch of tiny leaves that look like little dolphins jumping in the air. The best part? The longer the vines get, the more the leaves look like dolphins! So, not only does the plant make your home cozier but it’s pretty adorable as well.

Twitter user @kao77neko shared a picture of this succulent and it has over 10k retweets and 11k likes since. Thank you @kao77neko, for introducing us to this awesome dolphin plant that we never knew we loved!

Japanese Twitter user @kao77neko first shared photos of her dolphin succulents, which soon went viral with over 10,000 retweets—and all over a plant!

Image credits: kao77neko

Who can blame the fanatics? They are truly adorable.

Image credits: kao77neko

According to @itsasucculentworld, these dolphin succulents are actually a cross between the hot dog cactus (yes, I know…what?) and the string of pearls plant. Together, the two plant breeds (Senecio articulatus x Senecio rowleyanus) create the leaping dolphin succulent that the Internet has been buzzing about nonstop.

As Martha Stewart reports, this type of succulent “maintains its animal-like appearance as it grows…no matter how big it gets! Plus, [it] will also grow pretty white and pink flowers.” So, don’t worry about it losing its sea mammal-like cuteness as it grows big and strong.

It may be true that the cutest things come in the smallest sizes.

Image credits: kao77neko

Image credits: itsasucculentworld

Image credits: kao77neko

As you can see, the succulent craze has already swept up Taiwan.