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May 31, 2023

20+ Designers Going the Extra Mile to Impress Us

The imaginative prowess of designers can frequently transcend boundaries, leading to the creation of truly intriguing and practical items. Have you ever encountered a vibrant, waterproof cast suitable for showering, or a pizza box ingeniously designed to shield your clothing from unsightly stains?

“The inside of the pizza box was a tuxedo.”

© pwenski / Reddit

The handle to a knife shop door is also a knife.

© SGT-smash / Reddit

This Bitcoin ATM with neon lights

© appL3ZOR / Reddit

The LEGO bag that turns your hand into a minifigure.

© eazymoney68 / Reddit

This root bench system in Seoul

© earthmoonsun / Reddit

A fire extinguisher at the aquarium

© 2chainsguitarist / Reddit

This pizza box can be torn in half and folded to create a smaller box for leftovers.

© u/dark_forebodings_too / Reddit

“My bag has an elastic zipper that can be used as an ‘emergency’ hair tie.”

© Mellykarr / Reddit

This mixing spatula has a quick conversion chart for cooking measurements.

© Naatrox / Reddit

A toilet stall door with a mini-door for children

© dragotiger / Reddit

Optical illusion floor tile

© coopdapoop / Reddit

This puzzle comes with a box stand so you can reference what the completed puzzle should look like easily.

© ryanm032 / Reddit

“The back of my shaving cream has lottery numbers to try.”

© kanyeomariwestfan15 / Reddit

Flip flops with a bottle opener

© improdrive / Reddit

This metal slide that is water cooled so it doesn’t burn kids in summer.

© DomaratSteelwind / Reddit

These shoes leave keyboard footprints.

© yeronyms / Reddit

Cat paws for chairs

The cover of this book about chocolate

© kbssita / Reddit

This trash can has a target and wide opening to encourage throwing away litter.

© j_clearx / Reddit

“This sticker, when pulled off, leaves behind a silver residue saying ’box opened.’”

© rachelanne808 / Reddit

A 3D printed cast you can take a shower with

© xventriloquist / Reddit

This gaming chair will make you forget about reality.

© kemre / Pikabu

The price is given in tenge, the basic monetary unit of Kazakhstan. It’s around $14,700.

Bonus: This is an old glass where all 3 small glasses are connected. You can drink from any of them and the drink drains through the bottom where all ’shots’ are connected.

© sedo1800 / Reddit

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