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May 30, 2023

10+ Creative Geniuses Whose Ideas are Almost Too Advanced to Comprehend

Creativity knows no boundaries. Yet, when we blend this creativity with practicality, it births extraordinary gadgets and objects that are impossible to overlook. These individuals concocted items at home, elevating their creative prowess to an entirely new plateau.

1. “Someone put a Bob Ross toaster in our breakroom, and it burns an image of Bob Ross onto the toast.”

© u/DictatorTot23/Reddit

2. Beer caps that you can play rock paper scissors with

© noodlenugget/Reddit

3. A changing room with switches that adjust the color temperature of the light to simulate different times of the day

© u/skemp456/ Reddit

4. “A burger place near me has installed contactless soda.”

© u/bu-bb-les/ Reddit

5. A smart car with a snowplow

© u/HendrikJU/ Reddit

6. This mall has a “husband depository” with massage chairs and phone chargers.

© u/co1063/ Reddit

7. The NICU at the hospital has masks with mouth windows so the baby can see your expressions.

© u/JohnIsaName

8. A bathroom switch with a fan timer so you can leave it running but don’t have to come back to turn it off

© u/Collin120423/ Reddit

9. These coasters double as mini board games (the other side is cork).

© u/capt_Inept/ Reddit

10. “The toilet paper/ashtray combination in a client’s bathroom”

© u/AngryPanda1510/ Reddit

11. This grocery cart has a drink holder to hold coffee cups while you shop.

© u/Doodooltala01/ Reddit

12. This bathroom displays which stalls are available.

© u/mattjvacher/ Reddit

13. “In Germany, you can buy ketchup and mayonnaise combined in a single tube. A bit like striped toothpaste…”

© u/caspii2/ Reddit

14. “My hotel phone in Iceland has a special button that will wake you up if there are northern lights in the sky.”

© u/KristjanHrannar/ Reddit

15. “My dining room table houses a secret spiral staircase.”

© u/CharmingtheCobra/ Reddit

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