Date:October 25, 2020

Comic Fan Creates Genius And Funny Forced Perspective Photos With Superhero Toys

If you think that taking up a hobby can be too expensive, there are always some cheap alternatives, such as rock collecting, hiking, and bird watching. And if you’ve ever thought that photography is one of the fancier past time activities, this comic fan from Malaysia, is here to prove you wrong.

Wire Hon is a Malaysian toy collector and photographer who has been shooting creative photos of himself and his family with Marvel superheroes by carefully posing tiny figurines and using forced perspective.

Hon creates funny pictures with superhero figurines from the Marvel and DC Comics franchises using only his smartphone and clever photo perspective manipulations. According to his Instagram – “everybody needs a hobby…” and he couldn’t have done a better job at choosing his own, for it is incredible and fun!

Scroll down the page and see the epic photo manipulations for yourself!

Wire Hon: Instagram | Facebook

Using forced perspective photography, Wire Hon makes action figure toys look much larger than they actually are.

Wire Hon

These toy superheroes look huge in a fun series by Malaysian artist. But the trick here is forced perspective which makes them look life-sized. Hon uses only his smartphone to play with our minds
Hon’s limitless imagination leads to humorous scenarios usually involving his whole family.

Wire Hon

J. Jonah Jameson might lose his marbles over these scandalous photos, but the truth is, they’re simpler than they look. Hon stages these unique photos using two simple tools: action figures and forced perspective. By setting up a camera with the figures in the foreground and actual humans in the far background, he’s able to make it appear as if they’re the same size.

Here’s how he sets up a shot

Wire Hon

These photos show the forced perspective setup: smartphone (lens close to the ground), action figures close-up, and Hon himself far, far away. Hon predicts the angle he needs to look at so that, in the photo, it looks like he’s staring Batman in the face while ordering him to sweep. It’s impressive — and hilarious — what he achieves.

Deadpool, probably making a snide remark about watering plants.

Wire Hon

Over at his Instagram page, Hon practices his craft with homages to Avengers: Endgame, crossover battles between Spidey and Superman, a very hungry, very tiny Wolverine and much, much more.

Hulk, unhappy about the state of the lawn.

Wire Hon

The amusing images feature the superheroes performing tasks around the house

Wire Hon

Spider-Man, snapping some shots for the Daily Bugle.

Wire Hon Wire Hon Wire Hon Wire Hon Wire Hon

Hon’s imaginative photos come with a dose of humor. He, his wife, and his son can be seen bossing Marvel superheroes around and being found in strange scenarios with them.

Wire Hon