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May 31, 2023

10+ Budget-Friendly Items That Can Transform a Basic Home Into a Contemporary Apartment

For years, we fantasize about residing in a chic and contemporary apartment, yet we often hesitate to take action due to the perception that a new interior would incur significant expenses. However, style and comfort can begin with small steps. Frequently, to infuse life and freshness into a space, all it takes is letting go of old habits and making a few subtle changes.

1. A sponge holder

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Keeping your sponge on the sink is not very hygienic because the wet environment is a great breeding ground for bacteria, and it doesn’t look good at all. The perfect solution is a sponge holder. Most of them are put on the inside part of the sink, which allows the excess moisture to go into the drain.

2. A wall-mounted razor holder

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Your personal hygiene items should be kept in absolutely clean environments, but we often don’t have enough free space for that so we end up keeping our razors on the sink or even in toothbrush cups. A wall-mounted razor holder is a simple and affordable solution to the problem that many people have. It allows you to keep your razor in a comfortable place, protecting the blades from becoming blunt or rusty.

3. A multifunctional water mixer

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If you’re tired of waiting for your kettle to boil water for you to drink hot tea or coffee, there’s a solution. There are water mixers that include water filters and boilers. They give you boiling water, they look quite simple, and they’re great for many interiors since they don’t take any extra space.

4. “Floating” shelves

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“Floating” bookshelves are a great alternative for classic shelves with glass doors. They are practical and nice-looking, and you can even make them yourself.

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You can arrange your entire library this way or make just 1 shelf to decorate your room.

5. No branded packaging

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Shampoos, liquid soap, and other bathroom items in default packaging can make even the most modern interior design look very cheap. It’s better to buy a set of bottles and other accessories. The variety of colors, designs, and materials is endless.

6. Film

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7. A tabletop fireplace

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We all know that fire instantly makes a place look cozy, but traditional fireplaces are quite expensive and candles can’t produce enough fire to last for hours. A perfect alternative is a bio fireplace. It’s small, safe for the environment, and great for both indoors and outdoors.

8. A good-looking cat litterbox

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When choosing a litterbox, many people buy big, open models. But they have a lot of disadvantages: cats don’t have privacy, the box doesn’t prevent odors, and very persistent cats spread the litter all around the room.

But there’s a way out — a closed toilet. More and more people today stylize cat litterboxes and make them look like cabinets. They are fully functional and good-looking.

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9. A cable organizer

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Extensions with many cables that people trip over never look good, and they make the place appear messy. Fortunately, there are a lot of different organizers for keeping the cables safe and clean. The organizers protect the cables from water and dust, they’re well-ventilated, and the lid can be used as a holder for a charging device.

10. Mirrors made of several elements or non-traditional shapes

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When choosing mirrors for your interior, you should be quite careful because they might make the space look bigger or have the opposite effect. Instead of traditional shapes and frames, we suggest that you take a look at mirrors that consist of several elements. Such models look fresh and cool.

11. Hanging flower pots

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Plants make our homes much better: they help the place feel more lively and cozy. The question is where and how to place them. Of course, you can put them on a windowsill, table, or floor, but nowadays, people hang them on the wall, creating vertical gardens. This way, your room won’t be overloaded and the compositions you can make can be quite unique.

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