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May 31, 2023

15+ Brilliant Inventions You Probably Didn’t Realize Could Be Real

Many will be surprised to learn that, according to scientists, the majority of inventions occur unexpectedly and often by accident. For instance, an individual might drop and break something, only to conceive a groundbreaking solution to prevent such mishaps. This suggests that each of us holds the potential to innovate, provided we maintain an active and engaged mind.

We are eager to present these 17 inventions and novel creations that can significantly enhance daily life.

1. “My sink has a light that changes depending on the temperature.”

© Rosemarbles / reddit

2. “A smart car with a snowplow”

© HendrikJU / reddit

3. “This hybrid lamp/wireless smartphone charger I made for my design thesis”

© illuminAiTech / reddit

4. “A pizza button on my hotel phone”

 northernseal1 / reddit

5. “This grocery cart has a drink holder to hold coffee cups while you shop.”

© Doodooltala01 / reddit

6. “A carpeted indoor pool for the kids to play in”

© Nosivad / reddit

7. “In Germany, you can buy ketchup and mayonnaise combined in a single tube, a bit like striped toothpaste.”

© caspii2 / reddit

8. “Supermarkets in Spain have parking spaces for shopping carts.”

© lehnni / reddit

9. “My grandad’s inventive use of old shower doors”

© AntsInMyEyesSwanson / reddit

10. “This old phone box repurposed as a defibrillator point”

© Rob237 / reddit

11. “This bus stop has phone chargers.”

© pinetreed*** / reddit

12. “Compost bags shipped in their own box”

© efficientseed / reddit

13. “This store in Poland allows you to buy frozen veggies and dumplings in bulk and weigh them instead of taking home prepackaged boxes.”

© Sh1n1ngM4n / reddit

14. “A typewriter for music”

© waquasy / reddit

15. “A perfect tip jar system”

© PeacefulTrash / reddit

16. A stroller that fits parents with disabilities perfectly

© Yoocanfind.com

17. “This toaster’s cord has a finger pull.”

© VEDAHtheDJ / reddit

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