Date:December 5, 2020

Artist Creates Embroidered Temari Balls That Are Handmade Geometric Wonders

Most of us are familiar with origami, the Japanese traditional craft of folding paper into marvelous forms. But what about the making of Temari (literally “hand balls”), which feature a dizzying array of hand-embroidered patterns fixed on a spherical form?

Temari balls have been around since the 7th century in Japan, and have enjoyed a resurgence of interest in recent times, even beyond the island nation. Previously trained in dentistry, Moscow-based artist Tatiana Vigdorova is exploring her love of this age-old folk art, creating Temari that are inspired by sacred geometries, elements from nature and the interplay of vibrant colours, using embroidery yarn and silk thread.

She describes her handmade pieces as both home decor and as collectible toys. In any case, each embroidered Temari ball is bound to make “an interesting gift for someone who likes unusual things.”

If you’d like to pick up your own polychromatic temari ball, stop by Vigdorova’s online shop, Embroidery Temari.

Inspired by traditional Japanese embroidery, Moscow-based artist Tatiana Vigdorova hand-makes beautiful Temari balls.

Making these small but impactful works of art is a creative outlet for her:

“The art was just a hobby for many years. But when it is true passion of yours, there is no way to ignore it and the process by itself is a pure joy. Making temari requires calm, long-lasting and profound effort. This is the world where I love to escape to from the day’s routine. I want to leave the message to the artist inside each person: make, re-evaluate and come back, but never quit, and one day your work will be rewarded.”

In addition to the hand-held balls, also makes temari-inspired, wearable jewelry like pendants and earrings.

Despite their small size, when one takes the time to look closely and pay attention, one can see that each temari ball takes a lot of time to create: from making the base, to marking out the imaginary lines with pins, and then laying out and tacking each thread down, one by one. In addition, bells can be added to the inside or outside, as well as decorative tassels.

There’s a lot of beauty in handmade objects, and these temari balls are no exception, making them an excellent choice for a one-of-a-kind gift or personal collectible.