Date:October 29, 2020

This Tattoo Artist Helps People Cover Up Their Scars

These days tattoos are so popular, and it’s much easier to find a person with no tattoos than a person with them. A lot of people “get inked” because they find it beautiful or because they want to have a meaning, idea, or memory inked on their body forever.

But there’s another reason, that is often forgotten, and that is getting tattoos to hide body imperfections, like scars or birthmarks.

And that’s what this tattoo artist from Vietnam helps people with: feeling beautiful and happy in their bodies. “My passion is all about tattooing over scars, burns, birthmarks, or any imperfections on the bodies. I believe that a well-done, beautifully constructed tattoo will not only change a person’s image but also lift their confidence and overcome insecurities,” the artist said.

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She known as Ngoc on social media and she spends lots of time designing tattoos for people who want to hide their imperfections. That’s actually not an easy task, because you have to pick the best shapes, colors, and placement for the tattoo to efficiently cover the spots up. The skin where wounds used to be is usually thicker or thinner than normal skin and is hard to work with.

With this help of Ngoc, a lot of people forget past traumas, move away from bad memories, or just feel happy, confident, and comfortable in their bodies. She uses art to heal people’s wounds outside and inside.

Photo credits: ngocliketattoo