Date:December 5, 2020

30 Terrible Designs That People Encountered, They Couldn’t Resist Without Sharing

When it comes to designing things, there are designs that are great, designs that are just not that good, and then there are those that are so terrible, they’re outright hilarious.

From two gay lions on Noah’s Ark to a bottle of boy syrup, these hilarious fails show that designers are always just a tiny step away from failing badly. These pics were collected from a subreddit called “Crappy Design“, which features some of the funniest examples of their work that prove the importance of every punctuation mark and other little details.

These designers don’t necessarily have bad intentions (except the one who decided to install mirror ceilings in the bathroom), but their creations turned out to be better at amusing people rather than carrying out the tasks they were supposed to.

#1 The ‘Impossible To Cross’ Fence


#2 2 Butts 1 Plant

#3 A Scene From An Indian TV Show

#4 Idk I’m European

“The original motivation for the subreddit was to point out crappy designs. Nowadays, most subscribers probably come here for entertainment,” the moderators said in a statement that a part of their followers is there just to have fun and gawk at truly ugly design decisions.

“However, it is common to have meaningful discussion here on why or why not something is crappy design,” they pointed out that some of the members actively participate in in-depth chats.

#5 That’s Not How It Works

#6This Captain Of The Submarine In My English Book

Founded back in 2011, the community has flourished over its 9-and-a-half-year existence. Just a year ago, the Crappy Design subreddit had 1.7 million members and got more than 2 million page views each month. Those are huge numbers to be fair. However, since then, the sub has gained an additional half a million new followers.

But let’s hop back to what makes product designs good or bad. For instance, researcher Don Norman writes in his book ‘The Design of Everyday Things’ that good design is upfront and honest about what the thing does. No hidden purposes for Norman!

At the same time, he says that designs have to look beautiful and uncluttered while pushing the boundaries of what a particular object means to us. So we have to be innovative but simple while avoiding clutter and mediocrity. Quite a challenge, wouldn’t you think? No wonder there are so many bad designs out there.

#7 They Said You Will Be In The Front Page, But Didn’t Mention What The Title Of Next Article Going To Be

#8 People Wearing Face Masks Looking Like Monsters

#9 They Stopped Construction On The New Burger King In My Hometown Because The Building Is Backwards. They Put A Whole Building Up Backwards!

Meanwhile, the Interaction Design Foundation stresses that bad designs are often overloaded with useless info and make us waste time to figure out what the thing does and how it works.

So if you’re designing something, make it as intuitive and simple as possible—after all, you wouldn’t want to create something messy that’s bound to end up on the Crappy Design subreddit, would you?

#10 Black One Is Salt, White One Pepper


#11 This Isn’t Even My Final Form


#12 Welcome To “The Cut” Forest Recreation Area. This Font Threw Me For A Loop. Delete If Not Allowed.

#13 Hiding Money Inside Something That Could Easily Wind Up In The Fireplace

#14 We Cut Kids

#15 Stay Home!

#16 This Bath Bomb’s Final Color

#17 This Graph

#18 Social “Distancing”

#19 Wow! What A Bargain!

#20 Blobfish Supra

#21 I Can’t Read The Article About Pointless Monthly Subscriptions Without Buying A Monthly Subscription

#22 I’m Having An Aneurysm Just Looking At This

#23 Accidental Venn Diagram

#24 What’s The Worst That Could Happen?

#25 Finally A Deal That Suits My Acquired Taste

#26 No Broken Legs I Know Of

#27 This Amazing Pregnancy Test


#28 Sh*t Yourself!


#29 Toilets And Mirror Ceiling


#30 Fail