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May 30, 2023

20 Companies That Unsuccessfully Re-designed Their Logos

Embracing change is often positive, as it signifies progress and innovation. Such transformations can be as simple as a hair color swatch or updating one’s wardrobe. At some point, most individuals seek a fresh start, knowing they can always revert to their previous state if the new one doesn’t suit them.

However, large corporations occasionally find themselves entangled in the changes they initiate. They develop an entirely new public image, but it’s not as easy to undo if their endeavor falls short of success.

Twitter user Liz Franczak highlighted this by sharing a photo comparing the old and new Warner Bros logos, expressing criticism of the new design. The post quickly gained traction and went viral.

This prompted comparisons with other prominent companies that have similarly botched their logo redesign attempts.

Scroll down to discover the corporations that left their audiences underwhelmed with their revamped logos.

#1 Burger King

#2 Pringles

#3 Gmail

#4 Holiday Inn

#5 Staples

#6 Warner Bros

#7 J.m. Smucker

#8 Starbucks

#9 Nickelodeon

#10 Petco

#11 General Motors

#12 Google

#13 Bmw

#14 Wendy’s

#15 Pepsi

#16 Olive Garden

#17 Mountain Dew

#19 Hellofresh

#20 Wawa

Image source: Wawa

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