Date:October 29, 2020

+15 Photos Where People Made Their Home Greener by Turning Tables Into Succulent Gardens

All of us need a little green in our houses. And the greatest greenish answer is Succulents.

People might love or hate them, and they make the most camera-loved plants for their crazy colors, shapes, and varieties.

There are some incredible ways to use these plants and thanks to mad crafty skills and aesthetic goals, people have been upgrading their tables into full-blown succulent gardens. These tables are something wonderful, something we didn’t know we needed.

Dustin Anthony, the founder of Blooming Tables, a San Diego company, explained that blooming tables are perfect for people who lack the space for traditional gardening methods and want more plants in their homes. But since succulents require a good amount of sunlight to keep them from stretching and getting leggy, he suggested placing a lamp over them or adding incandescent light bulbs. He gave an example: “succulents that grew up in low light areas will do better indoors than succulents who were sourced from high light areas.” It turns out that, for a succulent, the table serves as a pot, which it may outgrow with time. “Sometimes a plant will grow too big for the table and need to be removed, but it’s completely natural.






Dustin Anthony


Eva T.