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May 30, 2023

11 Skilled Designers Who Have Improved Our Lives with Their Incredible Talents

Seeing individuals go above and beyond to create solutions that improve our daily lives is always inspiring. These innovative designs demonstrate a dedication to functionality and aesthetics and are a testament to the power of creative problem-solving.

While some may approach design focusing solely on profitability or efficiency, these designers have managed to strike a balance between practicality and ingenuity.

Earthwonders has curated a collection of these impressive designs, each showcasing a unique and effective solution to common problems. From parking spot indicators to household appliances, these creations prove that simplicity can often be the key to brilliance.

Explore the gallery below and marvel at the creative accomplishments of these talented designers, who undoubtedly deserve recognition for their remarkable contributions.

1. This paper came with my refrigerator to let me know that there are some sounds that are “OK” during normal running.

© Pnuttn / reddit

2. Coffee table with an in-built fridge

3. A car umbrella, for protection from the elements


4. A cart at a Walmart in Canada with a built-in “store GPS”

© pool94 / reddit

5. This restaurant uses shadows to show men’s and women’s restrooms.


6. This table has a clip that attaches to the sofa and is totally stable


7. This staircase looks like a portal to another dimension.

© iTechnologies / reddit

8. This beer mug is divided into two parts so that the ice does not mix with the beer, but at the same time it keeps it very cold

9. A message in a bottle…

Timtimgrimslimjim / imgur

10. Bubblegum with teeth

11. These lights let you know if there’s an empty parking spot:

VampirezKing / imgur

12. A toothbrush that lets you squeeze every last bit of the toothpaste

Gage / pikabu

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