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May 30, 2023

10+ Hilariously Illustrated Maps That Depict the World Terribly

In today’s digital age, physical maps have become obsolete. However, they still serve as a great tool for illustrating various information. In the past, we’ve seen examples such as embroidery maps of Pakistan and India, which showcase the diverse fashion in each country, animated maps that display how the Earth would appear if all the ice melted, and communities of map enthusiasts who share anything related to maps.

Today, we have a new collection of maps that differs significantly from the previous examples. These are maps that are so bad that they’re good. An Instagram and Facebook page is entirely dedicated to sharing the worst maps on the internet, which, upon closer inspection, are not entirely terrible.

We have compiled a selection of their most dreadful yet amusing maps that you can view in the gallery below.

More info: Facebook | Instagram

1. Culinary map of Europe according to Italy

2. Most oddly named town in each US state

3. Crappy neighbor 101

4. Map of all the countries where the prime minister shat themselves in McDonald’s

5. The UK’s strangest place names

6. Every US state if they had an independence movement like Brexit

7. How the rest of the world sees the USA

8. Duck


10. Google maps after protestors in Bristol tore down a statue of slave trade Edward Coulston and threw it in the river

11. Boobs vs Butts map Pornhub



14. Cat Earth Theory

15. How to find Kentucky

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