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May 30, 2023

Instantly Brighten Your Day with 7 New Hilariously Adorable Comics from the Internet’s Beloved Cat and Dog Duo

Ben Hed, a gifted comics creator, never fails to amaze his audience with the captivating tales of Pixie and Brutus, the internet’s darling characters. The unlikely pair, consisting of a lively kitten and a retired military dog, are the protagonists of Ben’s comics, which take readers on a delightful adventure.

With an impressive following of 2.5 million on his Instagram account, “Pet Foolery,” Ben offers his fans a daily dose of inspiration. In this article, we’ve compiled the latest and most entertaining antics of Pixie and Brutus, so get ready to be entertained.

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Despite not being intended as a series, Ben’s Pet Foolery Instagram page has amassed an impressive audience of 2.5 million followers. Pixie and Brutus have gained a cult following, and as a result, Ben has to continually produce new content to keep up with the demands of his fans.

However, generating fresh and innovative ideas for his ongoing comic series is no easy task. As Ben once explained, “When creating animal comics that feature recurring characters and a continuous plotline (such as Pixie and Brutus), it becomes increasingly challenging to devise new jokes and concepts.”








More Info: Instagram | Patreon

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