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May 30, 2023

12 Hilarious Alligator Comics That Show Just How Unique We All Are

Renowned children’s book illustrator and comic creator Chow Hon Lam has crafted a comic that depicts alligators as charming companions. Often seen as intimidating creatures with their elongated snouts, sharp teeth, and powerful tails, the artist believes alligators can also exude warmth and sweetness. Creativitybay.com contacted Chow to learn more about his work.

Chow shared that he started this series about eight months ago, on June 22, 2020. During the pandemic, he had more time at home and wanted to create something that would bring warmth and smiles to people’s faces, particularly during the challenging year of 2020. He chose an alligator as the protagonist to convey that one should not judge a book by its cover and that even alligators can be endearing companions.

In these comics, the alligator takes on a new persona – a warm and friendly character Chow Hon Lam affectionately calls “Buddy Gator.” Perhaps we could all use a buddy like him in our lives.

For more info: Instagram | Facebook | behance.net | chowhonlam.com

Ice-Cream Time

Make Your Wish

Knitting Is Caring


Romantic Night

Have A Lift

Calm Down

The Swing


Storing Food

Rainy Day

I Look After You, You Look After Me

Sharing Is Caring

For more info: Instagram | Facebook | behance.net | chowhonlam.com

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